SFB / Transregio 23
"Vascular Differentiation and Remodeling"

Mannheim - Heidelberg - Frankfurt

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Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fleming

Institute for Vascular Signalling
Centre for Molecular Medicine
Goethe University
Theodor Stern-Kai 7
D-60590 Frankfurt

Phone: 0049 (0)69 6301 6972 or -6052

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A6: The Cytochrome P450/ soluble epoxide hydrolase axis in angiogenic endothelial cell signalling and vascular differentiation
The major aims of this project are to clarify the mechanisms underlying angiogenesis and vascular stabilization by the cytochrome P450 (CYP)/soluble epoxide hydrolase (sEH) axis. To achieve these goals we plan to concentrate on the signalling (Notch, Wnt, G protein-coupled receptors) initiated by bioactive fatty acids (CYP-derived epoxides and sEH-derived diols) generated/metabolized by three enzyme families, namely; the CYP epoxygenases Cyp2c44 and CYP2S1 as well as the sEH.
Last update: July 2013